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Rion - Gaia by LunetteFox
Rion - Gaia
Next up, my main male character for my original manga 'Gaia'. Introducing; Rion Rowind, a very calm and collected guy who feels he doesn't fit in with the "real world", or the world at all for that matter. It is only upon his arrival in the world of Gaia that any sense of belonging begins to fill him, and he's willing to encounter many dangerous creatures and people to discover his connection to the magical world.
I'm so proud of his hair... Not just the style (which took me FOR-EVER to finally settle on) but the color as well. Inspired by the gamer Markiplier and his amazing floof that is (currently) dyed electric blue.

In his hand he holds up the animal form of the character Anju, the main female lead. I had so much fun drawing these two like this, I thought it was so funny and cute.
Anju - Gaia by LunetteFox
Anju - Gaia
This is the upgraded version of my "Unnamed Fox Girl" piece, as you can see she now has a name. And muuuuch more, she's got a color scheme and weapons!

To explain, she is the main female character in my under-development comic 'Gaia'. Who is she? Her full name is Anjuna Bellenoir, but she prefers to be called Anju. What is she? She's a Fox Shifter. What are Shifters? They're magical creatures who can "shift" from an animal form into a human-like appearance, every individual Shifter is unique and different. What are her abilities? She's a trained fighter and Water User. What are Water Users? They're the ones who can use water magic, which is one of five forms of magic in Gaia.

That's all the info I'll spare for now, I'm currently working on the male main character. For Christmas this year I finally got a drawing tablet and the drawing program Manga Studio 5, so my drawings will increase again and I'll once more be spending time here on Deviant.
Fairy Scale Protagonists by LunetteFox
Fairy Scale Protagonists
I've always thought the idea of Natsu being a dragon was cool, but this one where both he and Lucy are dragons is awesome! I had fun playing around with Lucy's 'Celestial Dragon' concept and design.
These two are actually featured in a fanfic of mine on, I did this to help readers get a feel of how the characters look as dragons. Link to the fic called "Fairy Scale" here:…

The idea was to make Natsu look more like his father Igneel while still giving him his signature characteristics we know and recognize, like his grin. For Lucy, I imagined a dragon that is the physical embodiment of a star. Golden sparkly scales that reflect light, and a pearly white belly that features an iridescent rainbow-like effect. Maybe not quite as strongly as I have here but this is a rough draft. I plan to make a finalized full body picture of the both of them.


Whitney Marie Howard
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm 22 years old, and I absolutely love anime and manga. My other account is xHitsuXMatsux so don't freak if you see similar works. I got this one because I wanted a fresh start.

Not only am I an anime/manga nerd and self-proclaimed ninja, I'm also a hardcore gamer girl.
Currently I'm studying at the Art Institute for animation, the plan is to work with video games when I graduate. But my dream goal is to successfully publish my own manga series. I've been drawing for eight years, and along with manga it's the only thing I've remained passionate about all this time.

Take note that often my work is hand drawn, and then scanned onto the computer and then edited on Photoshop Elements (a licensed version, but doesn't have all the tools). Though, lately I've just been making pictures from scratch on PS... And I don't use an electronic pen or drawing pad, either, I use my hand and mouse to do everything. That would explain any unsteady lines... (,__,)

Current Residence: Texas (You don't need to know where, stalker :P)
Favorite genre of music: Pop, J-Pop
Favorite style of art: Computer animated
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 4
Favorite cartoon character: Juvia Lockser ("Gray-sama~!" Lol)

╚══`.¸.Natsu Dragneel

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